The Current Threats of Asbestos in Australia

Although the asbestos mining sites in Australia were shut down and the use of asbestos-containing materials was totally banned, current news in Australia shows that they continue to chase the citizens of the land found down under.

The Current Threats of Asbestos in Australia 

asbestosAsbestos has been found a dangerous mineral especially when it is disturbed. The small strands of its fibers make it easy to

enter the human body through the air passages. When the fibers become residents of the respiratory system, they start to cause different diseases such as pleura thickening, asbestos, and mesothelioma – a rare form of cancer. Due to the inherent health risks associated with asbestos, it has been banned in Australia. However, the threats still chase millions of citizens with a majority of them unaware that they have been exposed to its dangers.

According to health experts, the cases of asbestos-related diseases are expected to reach another high-time impact on the Australian society by the year 2030. One of the apparent reasons behind this projection is the latency period of the health effects of asbestos. This means that individuals who have been exposed to asbestos several decades ago might just start to show symptoms of asbestos-related diseases several decades after too. What seems to be an alarming scenario is that majority of individuals who have already contracted asbestos-related diseases are still unaware that they have the disease.

Efforts are selflessly exerted by numerous groups of the society. The government has already created laws mandating the total ban of asbestos and its use in the whole of Australia. Civic organizations led by victims of asbestos diseases lead the battle cry for informing and educating the general public of the dangers of asbestos. Health institutions in collaboration with different research agencies and private companies have also delved into solving the remaining mysteries of asbestos and how it can be properly handled as well as how can the diseases it caused can be properly treated and cured.

The current threats of asbestos in Australia is very dooming if you would view it in a large-scale perspective. According to a news article published by the Medical Journal of Australia, a certain survey revealed that 60% of home renovators still use asbestos in their home makeover tasks. This is despite their apparent knowledge of the dangers it can bring to the homeowners and to their team as well.

Due to this horrifying truth, the threats of asbestos in Australia have put the whole nation on a heightened alert. Everybody in the country is a candidate for the ill effects of asbestos. The homes, workplaces, schools and other buildings that were constructed prior to the total ban of asbestos are starting to deteriorate. The asbestos-containing materials are starting to show signs of degradation and disturbance such that its fibers are becoming airborne.

From the current news in Australia, to counteract the present dangers posed by asbestos, several builders in Brisbane have started to offer asbestos removal services. These companies have licensed professionals who are trained to safely handle asbestos-containing materials from inspection up to the disposal process. With their efforts, the ill effects of asbestos are likely lessened if not totally eliminated.

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