How to Tell Yourself if a Diamond Ring is Real?

Are you currently looking for a diamond-studded ring for your wedding or engagement? Today, diamond rings in Brisbane simply abound, and looking at all the displays in physical jewelry stores can be confusing. But if you intend to look for one online, it is important to educate yourself first because while there are many real and genuine diamonds out there on the market, fake or unreal diamonds also do exist and they come in abundance. To protect you and your hard-earned money, it is important to know and understand the 4Cs of a diamond.

Choosing a diamond often starts by understanding the stone’s unique characteristics. Regarding characteristics, real diamond rings are often based on the 4Cs, otherwise known as color, cut, carat weight, and clarity. These characteristics determine a diamond’s overall value and beauty when strictly followed. Of course, you don’t want to give something fake or unreal to the person you love, do you? Of course not. So, here is a little glimpse of the 4Cs that can help you find real diamond rings.

The Cut

The first C means ‘cut.’ This measures the proportion of the diamond’s dimensions, including the brilliance and balance of the stone’s facets. Furthermore, this C is considered to be the most important of a diamond’s 4Cs. So, if you are thinking about finding a diamond ring, it is important to acquaint yourself with how each diamond is cut.

The Color

This should not mislead you because, in the first place, all diamonds are colourless. Determining the color of a diamond stone is the second most important C. Thus, looking forward to buying diamond rings in Brisbane should make you feel curious about their color. To make it simple, you should just put it this way: the lesser the colour of a diamond piece, the higher its grade.

The Clarity

Clarity is something that assesses the imperfections and impurities of a diamond. Take note that inclusions often occur naturally during the stone’s formation process. This is also a way in which diamond rings in Brisbane are quantified and specified to determine any inclusions.

The Carat Weight

Carat obviously measures the stone’s weight and is known as an objective form of measurement. It is basically the most popular indicator that shows how small or how large a piece of diamond is.

If you want to buy diamond ring, it really is important to consider knowing the 4Cs above in order to come up with a real and genuine one.

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