Common Causes of a Leaky Shower and the Immediate Need to Fix It

Sometimes, leaks in your shower are not immediately visible. When you notice a musty smell in your bath, mold growth, and stains in ceilings — it’s high time that you get help from an expert in leaking shower repair. But whether the leaks are hidden or not, it’s important to determine its underlying cause in order to properly address this issue. Here are the six common causes of a leaky shower.

  1. Your liner seal is damaged. One of the common reasons why homeowners are seeking leaking shower repair experts is the sliced seal. If this seal gets damaged, water can make its way into your subfloor and cause the very structural integrity of your bathroom to weaken.
  1. Your tile grout has holes. Most bathroom tiles have grout to keep this part of your room water-tight. Over time, your tile grout can get damaged; once they have holes, water damage — and the subsequent need for a leaking shower repair— are inevitable.
  1. Your caulking has gaps. The caulking around the base of your shower also gets worn out. If gaps would exist in this area, it could potentially cause a leakage that only a professional can effectively fix.
  1. You have a faulty faucet. In many cases, the culprit behind shower leaks is worn-out faucets and showerheads. Depending on how grave the damage is, repairing or replacing these parts is the solution.
  1. Your water supply is leaking. Sometimes, you need to go beyond your bathroom in order to fix a leaking shower — leaks in your shower can also be traced back to damaged or corroded pipes, tub valves that are already getting old, or are poorly installed. Such causes require you to access your plumbing system; hence, it will be better to tap professionals than handle it on your own.

Hiring a Pro

When your shower is leaking, taking a bath can be quite uncomfortable. The sight of dripping shower taps can also give a certain level of annoyance. On top of these consequences, shower leaks can also significantly increase your water bill.

These are only some of the reasons why you need to immediately get help from an expert in shower repairs in Sydney. Compared to doing it DIY-style, a professional has the right tools and equipment that can effectively address shower leaks. Any underlying cause will also be properly identified and repaired accordingly. At the end of the day, you will save money without experiencing any hassle yourself.


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