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Let’s Not Talk About News, Please

Welcome again to News Lines Online!

It’s always been our pleasure to share what is happening around the world, the universe and even the worldwide web. With so much enthusiasm and excitement, if only, we could launch as early as tomorrow, we will do. However, there are still some little details to be done. One of which is the other pages – including this page in particular.

While the contributors of this blog had a conference meeting of finalizing what to feature on these coming days or after this blog is launched, one young journalist suggested and uttered these words, “Let’s not talk about News, please!”. Yes, everybody was surprised, but she had a point. Even the most senior in the team agreed to the idea.  We may be generally featuring current news here, yet we will take this page a space for topics that are not and should not be about news.header-index-pic

Okay, not because the contributors of this blog are all in the news side of expertise and that we have no authority to discuss something beyond our strength niche. But, little did we say, our young generation contributors are very versatile. They have so many things in mind to share. They got lots of fresh ideas overflowing and waiting to be unfold.

So, what you would be expecting in this page? It’s more than you can imagine. On this page, we will feature almost everything under the sun. Topics will vary from generic ones like travel, business, technology, sports, photography, legal, cosmetic surgery, fitness, and a lot more. We will also be featuring topics like tips and reviews on everything.

Moreover, in here, we will be taking you to a different scenario that’s outside the news theme. While we disclaim that current news don’t sounds uninteresting, but we take this opportunity to break the monotony. Besides, there are so much more in this world to tackle than news. Oh yes, we are so prepared of this and we are more excited than ever. Indeed, in this case, we can very much claim that if two minds are better than one, we can equally say, the more minds the merrier and far better. Nevertheless, we are not closing our windows on new ideas. If you have a slice of the pie to share, go for it and email us.

We already had a round-up on everything and we are ready to get started.

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