Knowing these Might Help You in Moving and Working to Australia

Thinking of moving and working to Australia? Here is what you need to know about migration to Australia to enjoy smooth transition.


via_aus2If you’re moving to Australia, you need to obtain an Australian visa. If you’re going in a short term to see and experience the beauty of Down Under, you need to apply for a visitor visa. Visitor’s visa is given to any individual traveling to Australia as tourist, for business, or to visit relatives. If you’re coming to work, you need to apply for working visa like 457 visa if you’re a skilled worker. Working holiday visa or subclass 462 and 417 is given to young people who want to holiday and work up to a year to Australia. For more information on what visa to apply, you need to see your country’s Australian embassy and consult a migration to Australia on visa requirements and application progress.

Moving to work

If you intend to move to Australia on a long-term goal and work, it is best to start planning before you finish your education. It’s also recommended to take courses that are internationally recognized. Nursing and engineering graduates have higher chance to get approved than those whose courses are not recognized as in-demand internationally. Students who are still finishing education may choose to study in an Australian university for two years to be granted a temporary graduate visa, which allows them to live and work in Australia. If you’re a working holiday visa, you can live and work in Australia but only for a minimum of six months but you can extend the visa for another year by working for 90 days on specific jobs in rural areas to help in Australia’s labor shortage. To learn more about working visa extensions, consult migration to Australia checklist.

Sponsorship and general skill program

Sponsorship is the way to go and work to Australia. You need to be hired by a company that has sponsorship tie-up and that is obligated to look after you, while in Australia. Before you accept any offer, ask how long the sponsorship is because you can only move to another job if the company will take over the sponsorship. If you are applying for Australia general skill program, make sure you are eligible and have all the requirements, and that you possess an Australia visa. It is recommended that your skills be fully assessed by relevant assessing authority and your occupation nomination is fitted to your skills and qualifications.

Moving to any stranger country like Australia is always challenging but if you do your homework and have the dedication, strong will and desire, nothing will stop your smooth transition.

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