Ensuring Environmental Safety in the Manufacturing and the Building and Construction Industries

One of the essential elements of environmental health and safety is the identification of possible sources of safety issues in the workplace, which can significantly impact the environment. This is needed to determine the best possible course of action to take. As a comprehensive assessment of environmental safety is required, getting the services of an asbestos survey Sydney specialist will improve the identification of possible problem areas in the workplace, especially those in the manufacturing and building and construction industries.

asbestos1Both project managers and contractors have the responsibility to ensure that safety protocols, policies, and guidelines are strictly followed in all aspects of environmental health and safety. This includes ensuring that building and construction and manufacturing waste materials are properly disposed of. In cases where there are serious chemical spills in the immediate surroundings, soil contamination testing procedures must be initiated at the soonest possible time. It is imperative that the toxic effects of chemical spills do not reach the underground water bed. If there are signs of soil contamination, necessary mitigation initiatives must be put in place and the appropriate authorities notified.

Additionally, environmental pollutants that may originate from the use of various building and construction raw materials as well as those used in manufacturing processes should also be adequately assessed and evaluated for their maximum tolerable limits. For example, asbestos survey Sydney reports should contain not only the amount of asbestos residues but also adequate documentation on the products that are found to contain asbestos. In most countries, asbestos products are no longer used in the building and construction industries primarily because of concerns for respiratory health among those who are chronically exposed to asbestos particles.

Nonetheless, in the event that asbestos levels do turn out to be on dangerous levels, alerting the project managers as well as owners of the project to the presence of the problem should allow for its prompt mitigation. And while the management will be developing specific action plans to address the asbestos problem, it may be wise to consider seeking the services of a soil testing Canberra facility just to ensure there are no other harmful chemicals that may have also affected the surrounding land.

Striking a balance between the need for continuous development and the need for environmental safety should be the priority of everyone in the manufacturing and building and construction industries. This is better facilitated when planned together with environmental safety specialists. Seeking the services of an asbestos survey Sydney can also bolster efforts of ensuring utmost environmental health and safety.

It is always paramount for the building and construction industries to adhere to health and safety measures including the environment. Consult http://www.swe.com.au/.

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