Brand new talks and military equipment in Asia

koreaAsia is experiencing many newsworthy activities. One of these current happenings in Asia is talks between North and South Korea. The two countries have been at odds for many decades. They were actually involved in an armed standoff until this August. Their attempts at having talks had ended 5 years earlier. Well, these new talks are legendary since the two countries have been at odds for a very long time. The South Korean chief delegate Kim Ki-Woong met the North Korean representative Hwang Chol at the Panmonjom village. This location is situated in the demilitarized zone that forms a border between North and South Korea. Any interaction between the two Korean states is seen as a positive step. However, skeptics are critical of the talks and say that they will not lead to much.

China unveils armed robots

Robots have been used in war zones for many years. They perform reconnaissance and disarm bombs. This keeps the military personnel safe from explosions. They have never been armed until now. China have unveiled a set of robots that have been designed for armed attack. The country indicates that this is a response to the prevalence of terrorism today. The country has a trio of these robots for this purpose of armed robotics. They are the size of big toys and are fitted with the necessary equipment to conduct their activities.

In this set, the Chinese have a reconnaissance robot. This one surveys the field for gases that are poisonous to military personnel, any chemicals that are dangerous as well as explosives. It then goes back to base and gives a report. If this reconnaissance robot discovers an explosive device, then another robot is activated to go and diffuse the bomb. The second robot is known as an Explosive Ordnance disposal (EOD) machine. If there are hostile operatives in the area, the third armed robot is deployed.

In these latest news in Asia, the armed robot has small caliber weapons, grenade launchers as well as recoilless, automatic rifles. The robot has a telescope for sighting, as well as a trigger and safety settings. The robots are made by private manufacturer, HIT Robot Group. They retail at $234,078 for the set of three. The Beijing police department has already bought a set to assist them in keeping the streets of the city safe. The sales manager of the company, Chen Deqiang, indicates that the robots can also be applied in situations such as fighting fires, forest maintenance as well as agriculture.

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