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Every second, every minute there is an unusual happening. Wherever you are in the world, there will always be a phenomenal happening in a certain place, in an individual’s life, and even in the outer space – good or bad.  The News is everywhere and it can happen in your own home, your neighbor, on your own community, around the world, and even in the web. News is news. And, it is always part of every show in a TV channel, in every page of a newspaper, in a radio portion and the most current platform – the web.newsline

Whether it’s good news or bad news, we always have a bite of them every day. While some news can be surprising and shocking, other news could be unbelievable or out of the ordinary. In the end, it would be up to you to analyze and make your insight about it.

It’s crazy how hard the responsibility tapped to us. One may ask, are you credible? Here at News Lines Online, we prove not to be different from other news information sites. We, a team of journalists, researchers, writers and one of whom is a former or retired broadcaster have a common passion – that is to spread current news. Regardless of where the news it originated – be it in the US, Australia, Asia or Africa, we would gladly publish it. Of course, we always take consideration of the authenticity of the news we feature in this blog. Not because many have viewed it or it went viral, it doesn’t prove the authenticity.  Yes, authenticity of the news is likewise important to us that’s why we gather our resources first before featuring particular news. We are bound to keep the rules, we must say, we always adhere to “news-worthiness” and “responsible publishing”. We can’t afford to publish news that are baseless. Posting news online has extraordinary responsibility different from the responsibility practiced by local news reporters do. And, we are aware of that.

Since this site is expected to feature current news from all over the world, we will not limit you with that information alone. So, what else are we here for? Of course, we will also supply you with the current news of the online and digital world. FYI, this is not a gossip site.

Every now and then, visit all our pages and we will satisfy you with all the news that is worthy.

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